Sounds boring, right! Well if you are me, it is somewhat boring, but as I have discovered, life is not always how you planned. In fact, life happens when you are looking the other way. Our plans are not always God's plans and we often mess up our lives so much, that plans don't work out. But I am not going to write about my failures. I am going to tell you how I dealt with a huge loss of income and what I am doing to try and make my life interesting.

In May a judge decided my ex didn't need to pay child support anymore. Because the ladies are disabled the original judgement was child support for life. It was a devastating blow. I had my pity party for a month and cried to anyone who would listen, and to those who didn't want to. Yes, a major pity party. I was angry at God, my ex, the judge and myself. But when I realized that I was more angry at myself than the others, I was able to heal. I hated myself for getting into the debt, that caused a downward spiral in my finances. I had to realize this anger was directed at me and my failures, more than anyone else. Then I had to forgive myself. Still working on that. So pity party is over. What do I do now.

Life without travel, is good. But I am one of those people who live for the adventure of travel. I love to explore and want to see the world. I have never enjoyed being at home. I enjoy the planning, the adventure and the anticipation of places to go. So, now I have to figure out how to do this. But first I have to figure out how to make ends meet and to give the girls a good, exciting life, right where we live.
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Visiting local historical places is one option. We had a great Sunday after noon, visiting an old homestead and art show right in Fresno. They had a beautiful appetizer buffet and I even signed up to be a guide on weekends. It was all free.

Another thing we love to do is dance. We go to a couple different places to do this. To keep cost down we bring snacks in place of entry cost. Then there is the Farmers Market which has great bands. Also some of the wineries have free music time.

The girls dance at Dianna's Studio of Dance in Fresno. Great place and we have created a little family of friends.

Special needs baseball, friends, family, the zoo and the ocean. Are all great ways to have fun locally. So we move forward, one day at a time. Some day we will travel again to far off places. But for now we will try and find our fun, in each day of being healthy and alive.