Dancing is a big part of our life. Wouldn't it be nice if we actually could dance through life. But enough about what could be or might be or should have been. The reality is now. My now is figuring out a new life at 69. I am an Instagram addict and am trying to learn how to make money through Instagram. I am close to figuring it out, so hopefully I will have a little shop very soon. But first lots of details to learn.

In the meantime I have found a group of women, on Instagram, who are dealing with special needs kids. Most of them under the age of 10 and a few with life threatening conditions. I reach out to these women in hope of giving them some encouragement and help. One woman is so lonely and spends most of her time in and out of medical appointments and hospitals. Her one bit of comfort is the beach. Her daughter is now 50lbs and she can no longer carry her down to the sand. So I am trying to figure out a way to help her buy a sand wheelchair. Anyone see a GoFundMe page coming soon?  Her daughter has a rare bone disease. It's so rare they don't even know what it is. But her bones break so easily and she has already had multiply breaks in major bones, in her short life. Another woman has a 10 year old that was born at 24 weeks. They have spent 10 years trying to keep her alive, and now they believe they will watch her die because they have exhausted every medical source they can.

So dancing through life is not always easy. But each day we get up and move forward because that is what we are called to do. God only gives us one day at a time and that is all that is required of us. Not to do tomorrow or next week but only today.

I hope to help some of these mothers make their dance a little easier. Not sure exactly what my role will be, but for now it is the role of encouragement.

Keep dancing.