When life hands you lemons make lemonade.

I am not sure I like this saying, but this week I could make gallons.

I want to travel. That's really the thing I like to do the most. I like to travel with my girls and occasionally without them. With them, is a lot more fun because we get so much attention and what girl doesn't like attention.

But I can't travel. Maybe at the end of this year or maybe next, but not right now. Right now, since Feb. I have been in limbo. My ex is retiring and he wants to give us less money. I completely understand, even though the courts say he can't. But instead of negotiating with me, I get court papers handed to me at my door, by a representative from the sheriffs office.

The next day I dropped a computer keyboard on my foot and it feels like it may have fractured.

Today I ran my elbow into my car door and it hurts enough that I think I may have chipped a bone.

My youngest has been losing weight for a year and a half and is now at 88 pounds fully clothed. No one seems to know why. So another doctor appointment tomorrow.

My oldest has had stomach issues for a week and a half and she has an appointment for Friday.

Monday I have to drive 3 hours to pay a whole bunch of money, that I don't have, to a lawyer, because my ex is taking me to court.

So lemons. Lots of lemons. Some big and some small. Some maddening and some frustrating.

I yell, scream, talk to anyone who will lesson, eat cookies and shop. But in the midst of all this I know God is in control. He already knows the outcome and it is up to me to trust and rest in that. Hard? Yes. Very hard. Sometimes it works and sometimes I eat cookies. But in my heart I know I trust Him, to care for me and the girls. It's my head or my mind that gets in the way of this trust.

I heard a pastor say, trust God because He is in control and plan as if He isn't. Because He is in control, but expects us to use our resources to solve some issues. I am trying to do this.

So, if I can stop eating cookies long enough, I may get this all settled and move on with life.

So I count my blessings, which are many, eat a few cookies, try not to shop too much and above all, trust the Lord.