If only I had thought to take a picture. I am on a little cleaning spree. I started in the dining area, and managed to get the light fixture off, to wash it, but couldn't get it back on. So when Tanya and Lisa came home I thought they could help me. Lisa, being shorter was the first choice. Of course I am completely ignoring her fear of heights and her depth perception problem. So I have her climb on the table. That resulted in a sit down, can't go any further up and get me down. So then I decided Tanya could do it. She has no fear of heights but is larger and she was afraid she would break the table. But she was just tall enough to see over the fixture, so she could guide me to get it back on. No broken table, no broken legs and fixture is on and clean. I asked her if she would climb back up so I could get a picture and she said, MOM! So I guess that means no.

There they are. Not on top of the table, but always on top of the world.