This is Anna. She is my love bug. Sometimes she drives me nuts but my heart is full with how much I love her. She is the 3rd adopted and the youngest of the 4 ladies. She is turning 28 in June. Sometimes she acts 2 and sometimes she is so amazing it blows me away. Well, she is always amazing. She knows everything but because her Down Syndrome comes with a little Autism she can't always express what she knows.
She love movies, Disneyland, summer swim time, her program, her exercise videos and church. She knows all her movies word for word, and what comes next in her exercise videos. She knows what she wants to eat at each place we go and has an incredible memory.
She loves to tease, especially her sisters. She is my joy.
Anna was not always my joy. The first few years were very hard. I really didn't want to adopt another baby. My marriage wasn't great and I already had 7 kids. Five biological and 2 adopted. But because she was a little girl with Down Syndrome I had to go see her. I took my twin boys, who were about 15 at that time.  They told me I had to bring her home or else. So we brought her home. It has been a roller coaster ride but the thrills have been as fun, as the valleys have been hard.
I love this little love bug. Thank you Anna for bringing me and many others so much joy.