The letter said my daughter made $65.51 in one month, during a year period. They needed me, the representative payee, to bring all pay stubs going back to Jan 2017. Thank goodness my daughter is a pack-rat because that saved me a trip to her program to get copies of the pay stubs.

Social Security Disability allows a person to make $62 a month gross without penalizing them by taking $1 for ever $2 they make. My mistake was thinking it was $62 net. You are suppose to tell them every month how much was made. Because I thought I was under the amount allowed I did not think it would be a problem.

After dropping off another daughter at her day program I head over to the Social Security office. I get there around 9:30. I have no appointment so sit, open my kindle app and proceed to read. Two hours later I get called to a window. I am now checked in. At 1:30 I have to leave to pick my daughter up from her program. I was not called by 1:30 so I left. I picked her up and took her home and returned to the office around 3:00 to start the process over. I was finally seen at 4:30 and it took less than 15 minutes to solve the issue.

Lesson learned. If you go to the Social Security office for any reason do not go before 3:00. I was told that if you get in before the doors close at 4:00 they have to see you. Most are seen by 5:00. That would have saved me 5 hours of waiting. Next time I will be much smarter

I have had 22 years in dealing with SSI. I have 4 daughters on SSI so there are many issues. I have figured out how to deal with most of them. If you have questions feel free to write a comment or email.