Surgery is over. Finally, almost 2 years of waiting and it is over. So many concerns, over. So many fears, gone. But the whole time trusting God because where else would I put my trust. Always periods of doubts and worries but mostly just trusting. Psalm 41 says those who take care of the weak will rise from their sickbeds. And that is where I am now.

I had my surgery Thurs the 17th. It was an easy surgery compared to many other kinds. I have very little pain at the surgery site. I did have other issues, as with most things that add trauma to your body. But all in all it has really been a good experience. The hospital and staff were wonderful from the beginning to end. My friends were here every step of the way and my family were close by in thoughts and prayers. I am blessed. More than I ever think and more than I ever remember to express.

I am pretty sure my thyroid was cancerous but in this case that is not a horrible diagnosis. They got it all and my treatment will be mild and most likely a one time event.

I do have some issues with weakness and stomach issues from the medications but in the large scheme of things these are minor.

Today I asked the girls if they had any questions. They really didn't understand what I was asking them. I gave them a few questions about having cancer, dying etc. When I said I wasn't going to die from this my oldest summed it up by saying, "oh good". I thought that is about all we have to say. Oh good!!!

So now we can move forward with other things. This has been part of my mind for so long I am not sure how to dump it but you can bet I will figure that out real quick.

So unit next time.....