It has been many months since I wrote. I am not a person who journals, so writing a blog is something I actually struggle with.
But much has happened since August of last year. We did move, and although I am sad to have left a rental I really liked the new place is sufficient. And what more do we need, really.
The Lord says my grace is sufficient for you. This is what I am focusing on now. Faith and Grace.
About 18 months ago I was diagnosed with possible Thyroid Cancer. The reason it was only a possibility is because the biopsy was inconclusive. At that time I had insurance that was quite costly and with  a high deductible. They told me I couldn't make payments so I said, I guess I will wait until I have Medicare. So now 18 months later I have Medicare and will be having surgery next month.
I am calm and peaceful about this most of the time. It is a minor cancer, if there is such a thing, but still an ordeal to go through, especially with the girls. But the peace comes from knowing God is in control. He has my future all in place and I should have no worries because of this. Most of the time I am good with this. So peace it is. And what more do we need, really.