Normal Wed....Take Anna to program, work out with trainer for an hour, go home to meet appraiser, clean while he is appraising, half day for Anna, pick her up and go to lunch with friend, come home for 45 minutes until girls get home, go cash their checks from their program, go to Costco for eye appointment for Tanya, buy frames, have to order lenses from another optometrist, go home for 45 minutes, take Tanya to special olympic swim party, feed other 3 girls at Taco Bell, take two of them to Zumba, go back get Tanya and take her home, go get girls from Zumba, start cleaning garage, shower and now......sit. I actually love these kind of days. Strange I know but without them I couldn't write a huge, run on sentence.!!!!
Have a blessed and wonderful day.

Hiking at Yosemite. So fun. Top one is Lisa, next L to R, Evette, Tanya and Lisa. Last is Anna. She hates to hike!