It's been awhile since I have visited with you. I am in the process of learning many new things and have started a new adventure for us.

I have started a basket and bag business. I found beautiful French Market Baskets to order. I am also hand crafting totes of all kinds. The girls and I will go to markets, street faires and craft shows to show our bags.

The business is Belle Baskets and Bagz. We are going to have so much fun, but it is really a learning experience for me. There are permits, licenses, fees, accounting, tax issues, finding events and so much more. I love the learning process and am in the process of learning how to involve social media, such as Pinterest and Facebook.

I will be posting pictures of my baskets and bags as soon as I get a little more organized.

The girls are doing great as usual. We have had many Special Olympic events this year. Tanya just got done with swimming and there was track and basketball. We have my sons wedding to attend in June and I am cruising to Alaska that same month. I think we will be pretty busy between now and then.

I hope to have more news and pictures soon.

Be blessed and be happy.