WASHINGTON DC AND NEW YORK OCT. 2012

What a great time we had on this vacation. We traveled to Washington DC and rented a attached walk up there. What fun to experience a different kind of living situation. It was perfect. We visited all the sites and the girls had great fun exploring our nations history and points of interest. We also had family come see us throughout the trip and that made the trip so much more fun. Here we are at the Viet Nam memorial and in front of the cross walk. This was our first view of the Capitol.

 Our first subway ride. After about two rides the girls had it all figured out. The first time we rode a bunch of young boys did an awesome hat dance for us. We gave them $20 because it was the best experience ever.
My favorite niece and the girls

                                     TIMES SQUARE
My niece took the Tanya and Evette to American Eagle. Evette bought a shirt so they could be on the big screen. They were so excited and it showed all through the night, about every 20 minutes.                                         

 Little girl from Germany we met at Burger King. She became best buds with the girls right away.


 Rockefeller Center. I'm the tall one on the right and my friend is on the left. She traveled with us and what great fun we all had.

Goodbye New York. We had a hard time leaving this wonderful city. We plan on making another trip within a year.