Change of plans

Life has a way of getting in the way of best laid plans. So what I do is change the plan.
I recently wrote about my trip to Rome. Well because of some health issues and the lack of insurance I have had to cancel this trip. I am going to have surgery on my Thyroid. There is a chance it could be cancer and the only way to tell is to have surgery. It's not a worrisome thing, but it is a costly thing.
I had to get insurance and because of preexisting conditions and age, I had to pay a little more then I would otherwise. So my saving for this trip went to medical needs.
I am not one to let life get in the way of fun, so I changed plans. My girls and I are going to New York City and Washington DC. It was on the list anyway so we are just going to go earlier then planned.
I bought the tickets last week so there is no turning back.  We are all very excited and this has been a dream of my girls for a long time. It has been an especially big dream for my oldest, Tanya. She screamed when she heard, so that makes it much easier.
We will fly to DC first and stay for 5 nights and then take the train to NYC. We are renting apartments in both places, which is so much better then hotels. I have already made lots of plans, figured most of the cost, and have brochures of Metro, museums etc. coming in the mail.
I have a very dear friend who will travel with me. It's always nice to have an extra person to help out.
So moving forward, planning and generally living our daily life takes up my time. I have a great life, great kids and mostly good health.
I know that God has great plans and continues to fulfill these plans in my life. If I step back and let Him take control it always goes better. I am a control freak by nature so this is very hard. I have learned recently, through a Bible study, that the best question to ask is, "is it wise?" I usually ask myself if it is right or wrong but sometimes the thing that seems right is not always the wise thing. If I had asked this about my second marriage to the same guy I would not have done it. If I had asked it about many of them moves I have made, I would not have made them. So now I try to ask this question about the big and sometimes small decisions in my life.
I ask this question based on my past experiences and how it will affect my future.
This is the reason I decided to bite the bullet and purchase insurance at this time. My normal self, would have said it wouldn't be a problem to wait until I was 65 to take care of my thyroid issues. But because I have had cancer, and that was because I didn't take care of it right away, and because I have these girls to care for, the wise decision is to cancel the more expensive trip, buy insurance, and take care of it all right now.
May you have a blessed day and start asking yourself...IS IT WISE!!!