New Adventures

In a previous post I told about a trip that was planned to Disney World. Well much has changed since then.
We are planning a trip to Rome. Yes, Rome, for 21 days. I may be crazy taking the girls on such a long plane ride and to a very different way of life for 21 days, but I expect it to be a great adventure.
We are going in Nov of this year. I am saving for plane tickets and hope to buy them no later then April. I found a Russian Airline with tickets that are almost half of everyone else. I know, Russian airline. But I have researched it and I think it will be great. We also get to stay overnight in Moscow and I am expecting that will add to our adventure.
I had planned on going alone but now a couple friends have asked to come for a week at a time. I told them it would be great, but we will see if they actually do come. I know we are going to have such a great adventure. I have many travel books and have done research to make this a trip we will all enjoy. We are even trying to learn a little Italian before we go.
I have started something new in my life too. I am now a crafter. My sister taught me to make hobo purses and rag quilts. I am having so much fun with these projects, especially picking out the material. I think I like that part the best. Although the finished product sure leaves you with a sense of accomplishment. I taught one of my girls to make a hobo bag. She cut and sewed it by herself and now proudly carries it everywhere. She has decided she wants to make another one.
A couple of the girls are going to watch Super Bowl tomorrow. I think the rest of us will go to a movie.