It's amazing how much my youngest daughter picks up in conversation and general day to day happenings.
She is the lowest functioning of all the girls but sometimes I think she has us all fooled.
The 3 oldest girls are in a Vocational Day Program. Yesterday they went to Magic Mountain, which is a Six Flaggs park her in CA.
We had to be at the meeting place at 6:45 so I had to wake Anna, the youngest, up to go with us. We talked about the trip on the way and I told the girls to make sure Lisa got to be with a group that rode all the thriller rides.
Once back home Anna and I went back to bed for awhile. It's summer and we do not like getting up early.
We went to lunch and Anna started talking about Lisa and rides. She would point to herself, say Lisa, ride. Somehow through the conversation she picked up that they got to go to an amusement park and she had to stay home. In her own way she was asking why.
The other odd thing that happened was that she soon started talking about her brother Eric and rides. We go to many amusement park places, including Disneyland, but the only park we went to with Eric alone was Magic Mountain. I don't know how she knew that is where they went but somehow she figured it all out.
Her little mind never ceases to amaze me. She really can comprehend way more then she can get out to us.
Tanya, the oldest, mentioned tonight that she had a great day because we saw so many people around town that we knew. We saw a few at Costco, some at church and then after church a couple came to eat with us.
How simple and wonderful, is a life filled with such pleasure over the obvious good of life, that we often overlook.
Happy 4th of July weekend to all. Remember our country was founded by a group of godly men who wanted nothing more then to be free and have the right to worship God.