I am writing about this today because I had an experience last night that made me think of the future.
My girls will be well taken care of by their brothers, if any thing happens to me. But...that doesn't make the thought of not being around any easier.
I have a living trust that sets up their future and their brothers are aware of my wishes but I still feel a burden when I think about not being here for them.
I don't think this burden will go away but I want to talk about it for a bit.
First of all, do you have things in order for your childs future. Is there a home of a relative or friend that is willing to care for your child when the time comes. Do you have a living trust. If your child is on SSI income you do need a trust to protect them from the gov. taking away that SSI if you happen to have money.
I don't have money but still have this in place for all the right reasons.
I can't imagine anyone but me taking care of my girls long term. I know it is possible but I just can't imagine it.
Anna, the youngest, has many little grunts and moans that only have meaning to someone who is around her all the time. How can someone else possible learn all this.
But I know who holds my future. I rest, sometimes restlessly, in the fact that God knows his business. He also gave me these girls to care for and knows what they need to survive.
So I will keep moving forward and try to reason with myself and not worry. But I am 62, and although quite healthy, not young.
This isn't meant to cause fears for you, but to make you aware of a time in your life when your child will need someone else to love and care for them.
Be aware and prepared, no matter what your age.