Travel deals and suggestions

It's been one year since I started this blog and I have decided it's time to get serious.
I am not a very consistent person so this will be a challenge.
Traveling with your disabled child or adult child is fun, challenging, rewarding, and sometimes a bargain.
My girls and I have been on cruises, gone to amusement parks and even to Paris. We have traveled by car to Canada and most of the Western United States.

Here are some ideas on traveling and some deals you can look for.

National parks have a free pass for the disabled. I got mine many years ago and signed up at Yosemite National Park. You may even be able to do it online now but I think they require some proof. State parks often have this discount too but Calif state park system is more detailed and involved to get so I never tried for that one. Check out your state park too.

Zoos are a wonderful way to spend a lazy day and most cities have them. I have the misfortune of being in a city that does not give a discount for the disabled but my daughter-in-law suggested I advocate for that. But many of the larger zoos give amazing discounts. As an example, I have a pass for each of my girls at the San Diego Zoo, and one chaperone/adult can get in free with each girl. Check the zoos in your area.

Amusement parks sometimes offer discounts for the disabled. Disneyland does not but we have got them at Sea World in San Diego and Magic Mountain which is a Six Flag's park.

Cruise ships do not offer discounts but they do offer a safe environment for the disabled adult to be less restricted in their activities. My girls love to cruise and love to dance all night long. The have won contest and generally are treated as very special guest. I do know that Disney Cruise line gives special interest to the disabled cruiser and family. They also will let them in their childrens clubs and they accept diapers. Check before you go but this was true on a Disney Cruise I took with my sister.

When traveling to Paris there was no special consideration for my two girls. They are quite high functioning adults and I feel the Parisians were not that friendly to any Americans. They also don't have handicapped access to buses, trains, etc. So if you have a child in a wheelchair make sure you plan ahead for trips abroad.

Mexico seems to go really enjoy the disabled and my girls have always been treated kindly when we cruise there.

Always, always ask. I have had many opportunties given to us just by asking. We meet celebrities at events, we get discounts, front row seats, etc. all because I ask.

I hope this gives you a little idea of some things to try.