I have spent many days at the Social Security Office these past few weeks trying to get my 4th daughter her SSI. This is a disability payment given to the disabled, upon proof of disability, by the Federal gov. and some states.
Since I have 3 daughters on SSI already I think I am pretty competent in this area but the SSI powers to be, don't think so. So I am in a battle with them and am very grateful this is the last daughter that I have to go throught this with.
SSI is given to adults with disability. Some children can also receive it but the guidelines are more strict for them.
The details are not necessary but I have learned many things about SSI and how the system works. I have knowledge of what each state adds to the Federal money and know most of the rules for getting this money.
If you want help in this area post on this blog and I will email you the information you need. If I don't have it, I will find it.