My youngest daughter is home for the summer so I will have to find some fun things for us to do.,
We are shoppers but that can get expensive if we do too much of it so I will tell you some other things that you might try with your child.
Anna does not read or write and has little interest in crafts, cooking etc. So we try and do fun activities that require going somewhere.
Last night we did a music concert in one of our shopping centers and she loved it. She danced for 2 hours with her sisters and had a wonderful time.
Tonight we are going to a gospel concert with some friends.
If you are looking for things to do here are a few suggestions.
Free concerts in your town
Free outdoor movies or the Regal Cinemas have free movies on Tues and Wed mornings in the summer.
Water parks, they will usually let the disabled play in the kiddie area. Anna loves the small water slides
Vacation Bible Schools at your local church. You could ask for a teenage helper to be with your child so they can participate in all activities.
If it is not too hot, parks are a wonderful place to sit and read while your child plays. Anna is 20 tomorrow and the park is still a favortie place.
These are just a few things we do. Look for more in future blogs.
We are off to the movies.