I am starting this blog in hopes of sharing information on how to adopt a special needs child or what to do if you have a special needs child by birth.
I have many years of experience. I have 4 disabled daughters, ages 20-36.
The oldest is Tanya and she was my 3rd biological child. I had two older boys and then twin boys 2 years after her birth. When the twins were 10 years old we adopted Lisa, a 9 day old baby girl with Down Syndrome. Two years later we adopted Evette, a 12 year old with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Two years later we adopted Anna, a one month old baby girls with Down Syndrome. Anna has many characteristics of Autism too.
I am now a single mother, due to divorce, and am raising these girls alone. Alone really isn't the correct word because their brothers and their families are very helpful and supportive and I have many friends who love the girls and help out when needed.
I am fortunate all my girls are in good health but even then there are times when it's hard to find a dentist that will put them to sleep, or a doctor who will care for them like they would a "normal" patient. I don't have experience with the very sick disabled child but do know how to get the system to work for us.
I have had to occasionally fight for their rights with the California Regional Centers, the schools, the buses and the vocational programs. If I don't know the answer I do research until I find the answer. I have experience with AAP benefits, and SSI benefits
I say all of this to encourage you to ask questions. If I don't know the answer I will try very hard to find it for you.
I have traveled all over the world and my girls have also been to many out of country places, on cruises, airplanes and trips by car.
We are a very active family and I do know some tricks on how to get better deals for things because of being disabled.
The most important thing that I think I have done, is that I treat my girls like any "normal" child. There are allowances made for all children, regardless of their ability or disability, but everyone has gifts and talents and everyone has the ability to be social and polite.
I could write so much more on this subject but will save it for another day.
The girls just got home from their programs and are anxious to tell me about their day.